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Gaming Application Basics
Game Graphics
Environment design
Security , Selling Game on App World

Using Scalable Vector Graphics

GPS Gaming

Game Engine

3D Mathematics
Transformation -Lighting Pipeline
Initializing Direct3D
Vertex and Index Buffers
Single and MultiTexture Effects
Camera Management Systems
Compressed Textures
Object C
Alpha Blending
Detailed of the Blinn - Phong
illumination model
Geometry Tessellation
Texture Coordinate Generation
Image Filtering and Sampling
Texture Consolidation
Efficient Line of Sight Testing
The Radiosity Method-World Space Filtering
Barycentric Coordinates
Local and Global Illumination
Detailed Analysis of the Form
Factor Equation
Handling Transparent Polygons
within a Lightmap Compiler
Surface Caster Light Sources
AI for Game Developers

Virtual environments
Mobile game designer
Electronic art
Computer game designer
Game designer
Scrpting Artist
Game Tester
Modeling artist
Environment Designer
Lead designer

6 Months

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