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Shell Scripting In Unix /Linux Training Institute in Kolkata - Shell Scripting In Unix /Linux Course Content
Unix-Shell Scripting
Shell Scripting
History of UNIX
Features of UNIX
Flavors of UNIX
Comparison of UNIX with Windows
Architecture of UNIX
UNIX File System
  • Different types of Files
    Regular Files
    Directory Files
    Device Files
  • Basic Commands
    pwd, logname, who, finger
    Exit, date, cal, uptime , who am i, ls
  • Creating Users & Groups
    groupadd, groupdel
    useradd, userdel
  • System startup & Shutdown
    Init, halt, shutdown
    Different Run levels
    Different date formats
  • Working with files
    cat, touch, rm
    cp, mv
  • Working with Directories
    mkdir, cd, rmdir, rm r
  • Standard Input & Output
    Redirecting output
    Redirecting Input
  • Comparing Files
    cmp, diff, comm
  • Searching files
    find, locate, which
  • Zip files
    gzip, gunzip
  • Displaying files
    ls, ls options
  • Viewing long files
    pg, more, head, tail
  • File Permissions
    chmod, chown, chgrp, umask
  • Meta/Wild Card-characters
    Class, Anchors
    Repetition, Alteration
    Group, Dot
  • Regular Expressions & Patterns
    What is pattern
    Usage of regular expression
    Different types of pattern
    Character pattern
    Word pattern
    Line pattern
  • Tools for Filters
    grep, grep with options
  • Flat files
    What are delimiters and its types?
    Reading and Writing to files
  • Tools for column data
    cut, paste
  • Tools for sorting
    Sort by lines, Sort by fields
    Sort with options, uniq
  • Changing information in files
    tr, sed
  • Piping
    usage of piping
    piping with filters
    tee command
  • Communication Tools
    write, wall
    mail, mail with options
  • Networking protocols
    telnet, ftp
  • Disk status
    du, df with options
  • Job control
    Foreground jobs, background jobs
    Killing jobs, nohup
  • Process status
    ps , ps with options
  • Editor Vi
    3 modes
    Command mode
    Insert mode
    Ex command mode
  • What is shell scripting?
    Importance of shell scripting
    Different types of shells
    Creating shell script
    Making shell scripting executable
  • Shell input & output
    echo, print, read
  • Backslash character constants Variables
    What is variable
    System defined variables
    Environment files
    User defined variables
    Constant variables
    Local & global variables
    Special variables
  • Operators
    Arithmetic variables
    Relational numeric operators
    Logical operators
    Assignment operators
  • OConditional statements
    if, if.else
    if, elif
  • Looping
    while, until, for
    break, continue
  • File test commands
  • String test commands
  • exit and sleep commands
  • Command line arguments
    Usage of COA
    What is $0, S#, $*, $@, $? , $$
  • ob scheduling

Compiling and execution of C, Python and C++ programs along with CMS
Python Course Schedules
  • Introduction
  • Using the Python Interpreter
    Invoking the Interpreter
    Argument Passing 
    Interactive Mode
    The Interpreter and Its Environment
    Error Handling
    Executable Python Scripts
    Source Code Encoding
    The Interactive Startup File
    The Customization Modules
  • An Informal Introduction to Python
    Using Python as a Calculator
    Unicode Strings
    First Steps Towards Programming
  • More Control Flow Tools
    if Statements
    for Statements
    The range() Function
    break and continue Statements, and else Clauses on Loops
    pass Statements
    Defining Functions
    More on Defining Functions
    Default Argument Values
    Keyword Arguments
    Arbitrary Argument Lists
    Unpacking Argument Lists
    Lambda Forms
    Documentation Strings
    Intermezzo: Coding Style
  • Data Structures
    More on Lists
    Using Lists as Stacks
    Using Lists as Queues
    Functional Programming Tools
    List Comprehensions
    Nested List Comprehensions
    The del statement
    Tuples and Sequences
    Looping Techniques
    More on Conditions
    Comparing Sequences and Other Types
  • Modules
    More on Modules
    Executing modules as scripts
    The Module Search Path
    “Compiled” Python files
    Standard Modules
    The dir() Function
    Importing * From a Package
    Intra-package References
    Packages in Multiple Directories
  • Input and Output
    Fancier Output Formatting
    Old string formatting
    Reading and Writing Files
    Methods of File Objects
    The pickle Module
  • Errors and Exceptions
    Syntax Errors
    Handling Exceptions
    Raising Exceptions
    User-defined Exceptions
    Defining Clean-up Actions
    Predefined Clean-up Actions
  • Classes
    A Word About Names and Objects
    Python Scopes and Namespaces
    A First Look at Classes
    Class Definition Syntax
    Class Objects
    Instance Objects
    Method Objects
    Random Remarks
    Multiple Inheritance
    Private Variables
    Odds and Ends
    Exceptions Are Classes Too
    Generator Expressions
  • Standard Library
    Operating System Interface
    File Wildcards
    Command Line Arguments
    Error Output Redirection and Program Termination
    String Pattern Matching
    Internet Access
    Dates and Times
    Data Compression
    Performance Measurement
    Quality Control
    Batteries Included
  • Standard Library – Part II
    Output Formatting
    Working with Binary Data Record Layouts
    Weak References
    Tools for Working with Lists
    Decimal Floating Point Arithmetic
  • What Now?
  • Interactive Input Editing and History Substitution
    Line Editing
    History Substitution
    Key Bindings
    Alternatives to the Interactive Interpreter
  • Floating Point Arithmetic: Issues and Limitations
    Representation Error

Compiling and execution of C, Python and C++ programs along with CMS

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